DBPersister started in 2011 with few lines of code to enhance the way to develop crud applications by php users.

DBPersister  is an Open Source project with LGPL licence , which means  that is possible to reach hundreds of people all over the world working on it with the possibility to edit the code depending own needs.

About DBPersister

On this site you can download and use a  list of  libraries in all your php projects  that use mysql as database. To do use this libraries you need mysqli extension installed on your web host without any other components.

What You Can Use DBPersister For

You can use DBPersister to manage data from your database to your application. You can do all boring operations like :

  • load single record
  • save single record (insert, update, replace)
  • delete single record
  • and many others operations

without writing SQL code by yourself.

Connect with the Community

In addition to online resources like the forum and our facebook page is a great way to get involved with DBPersister.

About us

The project was created by Orazio Principe and supported by Fabio Greco.

DBPersister Comments

DBPersister comments

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DB Persister is a library written for php language that helps you to use simply and clearly your database taking advantage of the powerful object oriented programming


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